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How Unsafe Is Sex During The Menstrual Cycle?

Most people, including medical physicians, will tell you that it is possible to have sex when a woman is on her period. Most of them even go ahead to state that it is even more pleasurable. What they forget to mention are the risks that partners expose themselves to when they decide to do this at that time of the month. Is it safe? No it is not. If you can hold your urge for sex until the period is over, that would be good. But just how unsafe is it? Below are the dangers that are associated with having sex during periods.


One may be tempted to think that this is the safest time to have sex as all the ova that may be fertilized by the sperm have burst. This causes most couples to have sex without any protection especially because there is no need for lubrication. This is partly true but things can go haywire. There are women with irregular cycles, also those with short ones. Fact is, the sperm remains viable in the vagina for up to 5 days. This makes having sex in the last days of the female’s period dangerous as chances of ovulation and fertilization occurring are increased. It is also important to note that not all blood discharged from the womb is necessarily a period. Having sex during such times can definitely cause pregnancy.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The risk of contracting an STD, especially HIV, is increased when couples have unprotected sex during such times. Most physicians would recommend using a latex condom when having sex during periods, but the best thing is to wait. For the lady, the vagina expands when she is on her period. The chances of bacteria or any other disease causing micro-organism getting in are therefore increased. For those who use lubricants such as oil and water lubricants, they should know that they make the condom more vulnerable and may easily break, exposing one to the risk of contracting STDs. Most common STIs that are transmitted during this period include UTI and Chlamydia.

It is vividly clear that the dangers of having sex when a woman is on her period are weighty and one should try and avoid them. Abstinence during such a time will do one quite good but for those who can’t wait, you may want to use condoms and other contraceptives with necessary precautions, some of which have been highlighted above.

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